Dear Investors TradeGroup! TradeGroup
Dear Investors TradeGroup!
Dear Investors!Due to some difficulties, we are forced to update our platform.
October 6, 2021
TRADEGROUP:News! TradeGroup
Hello, dear users of TradeGroup platform! Only 9 days have passed since the launch of TradeGroup company, however we’ve managed to achieve remarkable results in such a short period, that is more than 1300 investors, who contributed more than 45000$ of investments.
September 18, 2021
Launch of the TradeGroup service TradeGroup
Launch of the TradeGroup service
Welcome to the official website of TradeGroup company!Our company has officially submitted the opening on September 06, 2021 by announcing a depositary offer for those, who are looking for steady income from investing in crypto dividends.
September 9, 2021