Launch of the TradeGroup service


Welcome to the official website of TradeGroup company!

Our company has officially submitted the opening on September 06, 2021 by announcing a depositary offer for those, who are looking for steady income from investing in crypto dividends.

We don’t promise to make money out of thin air, don’t set exorbitant prices for services of our analysts, traders, but give an opportunity to strengthen one’s position by investing and obtaining a net profit from minimal investments. Our company has set a temporary limitation for the total investment portfolio: 750$ for the period of opening, developing and strengthening of our positions. What are crypto dividends: trendy trash or the opportunity to make money?

Crypto dividends are a new generation of possibilities and crypto investments into digital currencies with a net profit of 10$. Derivatives trading is manageable and flexible, it allows the investors to earn money on primary assets, depreciation and appreciation of the market. That’s why it is complicated to call it trendy trash or advertising. 

We don’t specialize in the scheme: get and forget. TradeGroup works for the results of the investor, specializes in blockchain technologies. We think through each step, explores, forecasts and monitors any fluctuations in the crypto investing market. We gathered a full staff of experienced analysts and traders, so we develop and implement the working schemes, create profitable futures contracts with leverage and transfer net profit to the account according to the chosen tariff plan. We don’t set rules for the team, don’t call for reports, each specialist in the team knows their business and is interested in your result.

If you’re looking for a steady income and interested in obtaining up to 180% for 90 days, we invite you to the automated platform of TradeGroup company for crypto dividends trading.

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